Klon Centaur Features and Overview

warrenhaynesagainIf you're looking for a boost / overdrive guitar pedal that will give you the same treatment it does professional stage musicians, the Klon Centaur is worth considering. Even if you are already getting a great sound, optimal settings on the Klon will make your tone even better. Here are some myths you may have heard: 1) There have been two different Klons, one in silver and one in gold. Besides the color of the pedal, you won't find a difference in sound. You can only find the pedal in silver anymore. 2) You won't have to wait half a year to get your hands on one. Once you order one and pay upfront, you can have it in 14 weeks.

The Centaur has undergone four years of design and research so that it can be a cooperative mechanism that enhances the sound your guitar and amp create, not cover it with a sound all its own. It beats all other guitar pedals on the market in terms of giving your sound as much of the original tonality as possible; Trainwreck's Ken Fischer says of the Centaur that it is almost like an extension of your own guitar rather than its own independent machine. As a result, once you kick in the pedal, your guitar and amp enjoy a more crisp, larger outpouring of its original sound, so you don't have to worry about it not sounding like it comes from outside your instrument.

You won't find a more versatile overdrive pedal than the Centaur, either. It has a varied range in all three controls (Output, Treble, Gain), which allows the Centaur to give you all kinds of overdrive sounds, no matter what instrument or amp you use; regardless of the output of your pickup, your sound can be enhanced, even with Danelectro "lipstick" pickups. In order to address a long standing issue with distortion pedals, the Centaur's gain is dual-gauged, with a pair of pots on a single shaft. Your distortion and gain is controlled by the first pot, just like all the overdrive pedals out there; however, the Centaur innovates with the second pot, which will enhance the tonal response for the distortion level of the main gainstage, giving you a more diverse tool to work with in making your sound exactly as you want it. This sets the Centaur apart from the overdrives you typically see in that you have more than one distortion setting to work with depending on your guitar or amp; now your possibilities are endless. You can take advantage of the whole control range of the Centaur, so your individual guitar will sound like no one else's, because you can control the distortion received from the pedal itself, granting you control over your sound like no one's experienced.

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Those of you who don't want any distortion can use the clean boost mode that the Centaur has perfected over all its other competitors. When you set the Gain to its minimum setting, you are in clean-boost mode, and no matter how hard you shred on the guitar, you won't get any clipping at all. If you set your Treble with the needle pointing up, your original sound will be maintained, as there will be no change in frequency or harmonics pouring out as you put in it. Just figure out at what level the preamp tube should be hit, now that your signal is enhanced, with the Output controls provided on the unit. With clean boost, your pickups will sound the same in terms of frequency and lack of distortion, but they'll run a lot hotter, your sustain will be longer, and your sound will remain as sensitive as you want it to be, but with a fuller, saturated sound. Ken Fischer, when checking out the clean boost mode of the Centaur, determined that, if you want your guitar and amp tones to remain the same, but louder and fuller, you should absolutely invest in nothing else but the Centaur to receive the sound you want.

You don't just conjure the transparency out of thin air; the developers of this pedal spent nearly a year perfecting the sound, so that it rivaled anything any competitor could put out in their distortion pedals. Whether your guitars and amps are vintage or modern high end equipment, you would do well to invest in the quality sound that you get from the Centaur overdrive pedal. Even though the obvious route is to get the most expensive guitar and amp to enjoy the full effect of the Centaur, you can still enjoy quality sound and get the most out of your modest rigs with this innovative and advanced tool for enhancing the sound of your machine.

Even if your amp isn't the biggest one in the world, you can find that the Centaur can transform your Deluxe, Princeton or Mesa-Boogie combo into an amp suitable for gigs or recording, and provide a sound that will rival the most advanced, larger amps in terms of volume and projection capabilities. If you milk the ambients enough, you can give your sound a pretty good heft, especially in an recording setting.

You'd be right to assume that, for all the great sound it gives your machine, a lot of components went into the Centaur - anything from Switchcraft jacks, CTS pots, high quality circuit boards, precision resistors and capacitors and a Carling double-pole/double-throw footswitch can be found in this amazing machine to give you the best sound possible. The Klon Centaur has to be handmade, which is why it takes so long to receive; this way, you know you're receiving the craftsmanship that you deserve to get for your rig. You can rest assured that, before it ships, your Centaur will be tested for effectiveness, and you can enjoy a ten year warranty as well. This unit isn't all function either; its burnished silver finish and sculpted exterior makes it as much of a joy to look at as it is to play with it - you'll be reminded of sterling silver as you take in its aesthetics. This sleek look is accented with black silkscreening and dark red knobs.

Why Wait? Get your Klon Centaur now on eBay